An essay is one of the literary prose genres, which is characterized by a small volume and free structure. The author briefly speaks on a specific issue and does not pretend to be objective. Its purpose is to show individual experiences, attitude to the world in General and the stated problem in particular.

What difficulties do you face when writing an essay on your own?

Despite the small volume and simple composition, it is not so easy to write an essay.

First, it is easy to confuse it with an essay. In the essay, the author expresses his point of view on the problem or subject, and in the essay — the attitude to a specific author’s work.

Second, the lack of detail makes statements weak. Everything needs to be argued, accompanied by examples and evidence.

Third, the lack of structure destroys the fragile structure of the text. Free composition does not mean that the text can ignore the introduction, deviate from the topic and jump from thought to thought.

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How to cope with the difficulties of self-writing an essay?

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